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Invasion Documents Pack

Invasion Documents Pack

INVASION!! (We are especially pleased with this as it includes a reproduction of the elusive guide to France issued to all troops prior to D-Day).

Contents: 1 x Guide to France; 1 x Letter from General Montgomery; 3 x Active Service envelopes3 x Overseas forces envelopes; 1 x Card "First Aid for Fighting Men"2 x NAAFI Camp tokens stamped; 1 x NAAFI Camp token plain; 18 x Invasion Currency- 2 x 5 Franc, 4 x 2 Franc, 3 x 1 Dm, 1 x 10Dm, 2 x 1 Lira, 2 x 2 Lira, 2 x 5 lira; 2 x Field Postcards.

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